Welcome to the website for the Poker Radio Game Show. I am the host and producer, Brian Ciesicki.

We play poker over internet radio, which affords new opportunities you can't get at a live table.

One is that the game is Dealer's Choice. Any game you can think of, as long as it's described in terms of the dealer, and universal rules is okay. (So, just to be ludicrous, something like everyone goes all in, I win despite the cards is an illegal game. Everyone goes all in and the dealer wins despite the cards is stupid but legal.) There is a die roll to determines the dealer, in case someone proposes a game like that. (Are you willing to risk your tournament life on who's the dealer for the game you choose with no strategy, knowing there's a 3/4 chance you won't be dealer?) Everyone who comes thinks they are a good poker player, so most games will fall under regular poker rules, and won't leave something to blind chance.

The second is that the game is connected via my VOIP phone to either your US landline, VOIP, or cell phone. So you can get an honest opinion of players without them lying or being a tell because no one else can hear them. This makes for a more watchable show.(or in the case or radio, more listenable) You'd be more able to tell the truth if if you knew it wouldn't be used against you by your opponents.

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Here's the pieces of audio that won over multiple station managers. If you want to hear, hear the game from a person I was going to co-host with, but a) I couldn't get co-commentary to work with the existing tech, and b) I can't find him on Xbox Live, listen to these links:

Hands 1 and 2

Hands 3 and 4

Hands 5-7

Hands 8-10

Hands 11 and 12

Post Game

I am looking for contestants for the show.

About a few years ago, our game was broadcast on the company that would change its name to Wade Radio, an internet poker radio broadcast site. Wade had one big comment: Everyone's first game should not be against strangers. He says games against strangers make less interesting radio. That's why, when I have a call-in for contestants, you must get together with 3 or other people that you know well enough to make an interesting poker game playing against, and give me their phone numbers. I'll call them, and if 3 people say they'll play, you'll have your on-air game.

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Rules of the tournament.

I will be recruiting contestants on my video game stream of Twitch. Beat me in a video game either back to back, (or once I get the bandwidth) Head to Head, and you'll be eligible to have yourself and 3 friend be contestants. The 4 of you play dealer's choice Poker. The winner and best commentator get me to watch their next Twitch stream, and Will get 1/4 of the cheer raised on the show. Also tone of the voters will win 1/4 of the cheer raised too.


Once a year, we'll have a tournaments of champions of Poker using alternate decks, one of which is Triple Topper. Winner wins a minimum number of Cheer based on how much I make throughout the year on their next twitch stream. To read the rules, visit Triple Toper Poker , and to read about the deck, visit Triple Topper

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Broadcasting of games

The games, once they are edited and synched with still pictures will be broadcast on Twitch TV under the Poker section. Live voting on commentary will be made, with one voter who votes the actual results will win 1/4 of the cheer raised on their next broadcast. The game will also later appear on Youtube and WadeRadio.com

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Rules for individual games:

4 players have 500 chips each, breakable into 5’s. 5xy antes or 5xy/10xy blinds to start where x stats at 1 and increases by 1 every trip around the table and y starts at 1 and increases by 1 with every elimination. Everything about the game like limit type, down and up cards, individual and community cards, Jokers and other wilds, redraws, whether it's high, low, or hi/lo split, and a lot of other factors are declared before the round of hands start, by all 2-4 contestants privately, then are revealed to the other players, with those others asking questions about it (If 8's are wild, would a 6-7-9-10-J be a legal natural straight?, is 5 wilds not equal to 5 aces?, what is the payout reduction for wilds, if low spade takes half, can you declare ace of spades to be low spade, and would 3 aces lose to 3 twos if the ace is declared low, etc..) A 4 sided die is rolled when there are 4 players, or a 6 sided die with 3 or 2 players, at the beginning of the rotation, and the dealer is the die roll number's positions after the declarer is considered the dealer for the purposes of betting position. Contestants are read any cards they are supposed to know, and and then they verbalize their bets and other actions appropriate for the game (example, in 5-Card Draw, which cards to discard.) Chips are distributed with according to standard poker rules, with exceptions declared at the beginning, and cross examined by the other 3 contestants. You play until you either lose or gain all 2000 chips.

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If First place also wins best commentator and chooses second place to win, second, third, and fourth are first determined by number of hands stayed in (with more hands being closer to second) , then most chips wagers on the last hand (with more chips being closer to second). If still tied between 2 or 3 eliminated people at the same time with the same dollar amount, a 4 card hand is dealt to each player in pairs of cards. One player, (starting with whoever is considered closer to the dealer's left) gets to see one card and choose whether he wants that first card and give a random card to an opponent, and take the unknown card, or take the random card and give the known card. If 2 players are tied, each person does this three times, and a seventh community card is dealt. If 2nd-4th are all eliminated at the same time with the same number of chips, 2 turns are taken by each person, with the following exception: When it's your turn, you can take the first card and pass the other two, or pass the first, THEN see the second, then either take IT, or pass it for the random card. The next person in line sees the passed card if looked at, or the first down card passed if not looked at, and either takes it or passes it and gets the third. Third player is given what is taken. A seventh community card is drawn. Best Poker hand wins. If still tied, do it again.

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